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Vote By Mail, also commonly referred to as Absentee Voting, is a convenient option that allows voters to receive their ballots in the mail approximately a month prior to the election. Voters can either return their ballots by mailing them back or by dropping them off at any polling location in Weber County. Voting by-mail is available to any Weber County registered voter who requests it. Please consult the chart below for important dates.

Primary Election

General Election


May 9th

September 19th

Overseas / Military absentee ballots transmitted to voters.

May 23rd

October 3rd

First batch of regular by-mail ballots delivered to United States Post Office.

May 30th


June 19th

October 10th


October 30th

Additional absentee mail-drops sent weekly as new requests are processed.

June 19th

October 30th

Last day applications for by-mail/absentee ballots will be accepted.  Residents requesting by-mail ballots must also meet the registration deadline.

June 23rd
November 3rd
Ballots must be postmarked by this date to be validated and included in the election results. Ballots may be delivered in person to a polling location on Election Day.


Eligibity and Requirements

  • Any person may vote by-mail for any reason.
  • A person may apply for Permanent Absentee Voter Status by checking the appropriate box on the absentee ballot application.
  • An absentee ballot application may be obtained by calling the Weber County Elections Office at (801)399-8034 or online at the following link:

    Absentee Ballot Application (PDF)

All first time absentee voters who have not shown ID when voting in the past must include a photocopied ID with their absentee ballot.

Returning Your Voted Ballot

  • United States Post Office - Postage is required by voter.
  • You may drop your ballot off at early voting drop boxes.
  • On Election Day, ballots may be delivered to a poll worker at any polling location.


For Regular Primary and Regular General elections, track the
status of your by-mail ballot on-line at