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In accordance with Utah Code 20A-5-101, the Lieutenant Governor has certified to the Weber County Clerk the offices for which candidates are to be nominated at the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009.


File Candidacy with Lieutenant Governor:

  1. U.S. Congressman, 1st Congressional District, 2 year term ($413.00 filing fee)
  2. Governor, 4 year term ($536.00 filing fee)
  3. Lt. Governor, 4 year term ($509.20)
  4. Attorney General, 4 year term ($509.20)
  5. State Auditor, 4 year term ($430.00)
  6. State Treasurer, 4 year term ($509.20)


File Candidacy with County Clerk or Lieutenant Governor:

  1. Utah State Senator, 4 year term ($32.40 filing fee)
  2. District 19, Morgan, Summit (part) and Weber (part) Counties District 20, Weber County (part) Utah State Representative, 2 year term ($16.20 filing fee)
  3. Districts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 State Board of Education, 4 year term ($15.00 filing fee) District 4, Davis (part) and Weber (part) Counties


File Candidacy with County Clerk:

  1. Commission Seat C, 4 year term ($446.20 filing fee)
  2. Ogden City Board of Education, 4 year terms ($25.00 filing fee)
  3. Precincts 1, 3,5, 6 Weber County Board of Education, 4 year terms ($25.00 filing fee)
  4. Precincts 4, 5, 7 Judicial Offices:There will be a retention election of incumbent District Court Judges whose terms are expiring, or who are otherwise required to run, provided each files during the filing period.

File Candidacy with City Recorder:

  1. Mayor
  2. City Council



Candidates must file their candidacy with a city.  Please contact your city for more information.  Dates for filing are from July 1st through July 15th 2009.



Municipal Primary: September 15th 2009

Municipal General: November 3rd 2009

For more information contact the Weber County Clerk/Auditor at (801)399-8400 Attest: March 12, 2008 ALAN D. MCEWAN, CPA WEBER COUNTY CLERK/AUDITOR



List of Current Elected Officials

Following is a listing of elected and appointed officials for the Federal Government, State of Utah, Weber County, and local Cities and Towns as of January 2009. Addresses, Phone Numbers and other pertinent information is also listed.

President of the United States
    Barack Obama
    Address: The President, The White House
    Washington, D.C. 20500
    (Dear Mr. President)
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Congress of the United States (Federal Offices)
Two Senators from the State of Utah are elected for overlapping six-year terms:
    Name Party Local Phone Next Election
    Robert Bennett R (801)524-5933 2010
    Orrin G. Hatch R (801)524-4380 2012

    Address: The Honorable (Senator Name)
    United States Senate
    Washington D.C. 20510
    (Dear Senator )

Three Representatives from the State of Utah are elected in even numbered years for two-year terms:
    District Name Party Local Phone Next Election
    1 Rob Bishop R 625-0107 2010
    2 Jim Matheson D 486-1236 2010
    3 Jason Chaffetz   (801)379-2500 2010

    Address: The Honorable (Representatives Name)
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington D.C. 20510
    (Dear Representative)

Visit the Lieutenant Governors Site for more information regarding the U.S. Congress.


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State of Utah Governor & Executive Departments
The Governor of the State of Utah and four other officers are elected in presidential election years for four-year terms.
    Title Name Party Phone Next Election
    Governor Gary R. Herbert R   2012
    Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell R   2012
    State Auditor Auston G. Johnson R (801)538-1025 2012
    State Treasurer Richard K. Ellis R (801)538-1042 2012
    Attorney General Mark L. Shurtleff R (801)538-9600 2012

    Address: [Title] [Name]
    Utah State Capitol Building
    Salt Lake City UT 84114-0601
    (Dear [Title] [Name] )

Visit the Lieutenant Governor Site for more information.


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State Legislature

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Weber County Offices
A three member commission and seven other county officers are elected on a partisan ballot. County Offices are located at the following address:
    The Weber Center
    2380 Washington Blvd.
    Ogden, Utah 84401

    Weber County Commission
    Meetings:  Commission Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.(unless otherwise publicly noted) in the Weber Center, Commission Chambers (1st floor). Public hearings may also be scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

      Party Local Phone Next Election
    Ken Bischoff R (801)399-8406 2010
    Jan M. Zogmaister R (801)399-8406 2010
    Craig Dearden R (801)399-8406 2012

    County Officers
    County Officers are elected in even-number non-presidential years for four-year terms.

    Office Name Party Local Phone Next Election
    Assessor Cheryl V. Madson R (801)399-8572 2010
    Attorney Dee Smith   (801)399-8377 2010
    Clerk/Auditor Alan D. McEwan, CPA R (801)399-8452 2010
    Recorder/Surveyor Ernest D. Rowley, PLS   (801)399-8441 2010
    Sheriff Brad W. Slater R (801)778-6602 2010
    Treasurer John B. Bond   (801)399-8454 2010
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Weber County Boards of Education
Board of Education members are nonpartisan. The board members are elected for four-year overlapping terms. All board meetings are open to the public.

    State Board of Education
    Meetings: Schedules vary. To check meeting times, call 538-7500.

    State Board of Education Website:

    District Name Phone Next Election
    2 Greg W. Haws (801)985-7980 2010
    4 Dave L. Thomas (801)479-7479 2012

    State Board of Education Building
    250 E 500 S
    Salt Lake City UT 84111

    Ogden City Board of Education
    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. 1950 Monroe Blvd., Board Room, Phone:  (801)737-7301


    Precinct Name Phone Next Election
    1 Don E. Belnap 392-7002 2012
    2 Brad Smith   2010
    3 Jennifer Zundel 782-1918 2012
    4 Rick Noorda   2010
    5 Shane B. Story 621-0018 2012
    6 Jeff Harris   2012
    7 Joyce Wilson 394-2159 2010

    Weber County Board of Education
    Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 p.m., 5320 Adams Ave, Board Room,

    Phone:  (801)476-7800.


    Precinct Name Local Phone Next Election
    1 Dean L. Oborn (801)782-3207 2010
    2 Sharilyn Gerber (801)731-8401 2010
    3 Brent Richardson (801)479-4103 2010
    4 Allen Berrett (801)731-3114 2008
    5 Douglas R. Hurst (801)479-4786 2008


    Fredrick “Buck” Froerer III (801)745-0442 2008
    7 Jon Ritchie (801)985-1712 2008

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Weber County Judiciary

    Supreme Court
    Five justices elected on non-partisan ballot for overlapping 10-year terms; one elected in each even-numbered year.

    Click link for Biographies on Utah State Supreme Court Justices.

      Christine M. Durham, Chief Justice
      Matthew B. Durrant, Associate Chief Justice
      Ronald E. Nehring
      Jill N. Parrish
      Michael J. Wilkins

    Second District Court
    Judges are elected on a non-partisan ballot for six-year terms. Eight of these judges serve in Ogden. Address: 2525 Grant Ave.

                 Ogden, UT 84401

    Court Clerk's Phone: (801)395-1079.

    Click link for Directory of all Utah Second District Court Judges.

    Click link for Biographies

      W. Brent West Ernest W. Jones
      Michael D. DiReda Michael D. Lyon, Presiding Judge
      Mark R. DeCaria Pamela G. Heffernan
      Scott M. Hadley John R. Morris

    Juvenile Court, District 2

    Address: 444 26th St.
    Ogden UT 84401
    Phone: (801)626-3800


    Click link for Biographies

Justice Court Judges

Click link for Directory

      Weber County Craig D. Storey
      Farr West Patrick Lambert
      Harrisville James L. Beesley
      Huntsville Craig D. Storey
      North Ogden Patrick E. Lambert

      Norman Ashton

      Andrea W. Lockwood

      Plain City James L. Beesley
      Pleasant View Patrick Lambert
      Riverdale Michelle E. Heward
      Roy R. Scott Waterfall
      South Ogden

      Reuben John Renstrom

      R. Scott Waterfall

      Uintah Patrick E. Lamber
      Washington Terrace Patrick Lambert
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Cities in Weber County
All cities hold elections in odd numbered years.

Farr West

Farr West City Hall

1896 N 1800 W

Farr West, UT 84404

Phone:  (801)731-4187

Pleasant View

Pleasant View City Hall

520 W Elberta Drive

Pleasant View, UT 84414

Phone: (801)782-8529

City Website:


Harrisville City Hall

363 W Independence Blvd.

Harrisville, UT 84404

Phone: (801)782-9648

City Website:


Riverdale City Hall

4600 S Weber River Drive

Riverdale, UT 84405

Phone: (801)394-5541

City Website:



Hooper City Building

5580 W 4600 S

Hooper, UT 84315

Phone: (801)732-1064



Roy Municipal Building

5051 S 1900 W

Roy, UT 84067

Phone: (801)774-1000

City Website:



Huntsville Town Hall

7309 E 200 S (PO Box 267)

Huntsville, UT 84317

Phone: (801)745-3420

City Website:



South Ogden

South Ogden City

3950 S Adams Ave

South Ogden, UT 84403

Phone: (801)399-4413

City Website:



Marriott-Slaterville City Hall

1570 W. 400 N.

Marriott-Slaterville, UT 84404

Phone (801)627-1919




Uintah Town Hall

2191 E 6550 S

Uintah, UT 84405

Phone: (801)479-4130


North Ogden

North Ogden City Hall

505 E 2600 N

North Ogden, UT 84414

Phone: (801)782-7211

City Website:


Washington Terrace

Washington Terrace City Hall

5249 S Southpoint Dr

Washington Terrace, UT 84405

Phone: (801)393-8681

City Website:



Ogden City Centre

2549 Washington Blvd #210

Ogden, UT 84401

Phone: (801)629-8155

City Website:


West Haven

West Haven City Hall

4150 S 3900 W

West Haven, UT 84401

Phone: (801)731-4519

City Website:

Plain City

Plain City Town Hall

4160 W 2200 N

Plain City, UT 84404

Phone: (801)731-4908

City Website:


Special Districts

Provides contact information for Special Districts that may be holding Elections during Municipal Elections.

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