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Weber County 1985 Aerial Imagery
Click on the grid to view aerial imagery of the corresponding area. The world files are also available for these images. You may click on the blue information button in the corner of the image to get to the full size image of the index.
Please note:
  1. The index has been created on a 2006 aerial image.
  2. The images have not been geo-referenced to survey grade. They have only been referenced to get them in the general vicinity.
  3. These elevations are based on the 1929 vertical datum.
6N, 4W Section 236N, 4W Section 016N, 4W Section 126N, 4W Section 136N, 4W Section 247N, 3W Section 316N, 3W Section 066N, 3W Section 076N, 3W Section 186N, 3W Section 197N, 3W Section 326N, 3W Section 056N, 3W Section 086N, 3W Section 176N, 3W Section 207N, 3W Section 287N, 3W Section 336N, 3W Section 046N, 3W Section 096N, 3W Section 166N, 3W Section 217N, 3W Section 346N, 3W Section 036N, 3W Section 106N, 3W Section 156N, 3W Section 226N, 3W Section 275N, 3W Section 155N, 3W Section 227N, 3W Section 356N, 3W Section 026N, 3W Section 116N, 3W Section 146N, 3W Section 236N, 3W Section 266N, 3W Section 355N, 3W Section 115N, 3W Section 145N, 3W Section 237N, 3W Section 247N, 3W Section 257N, 3W Section 266N, 3W Section 016N, 3W Section 126N, 3W Section 136N, 3W Section 246N, 3W Section 256N, 3W Section 365N, 3W Section 015N, 3W Section 125N, 3W Section 135N, 3W Section 247N, 2W Section 197N, 2W Section 307N, 2W Section 316N, 2W Section 066N, 2W Section 076N, 2W Section 186N, 2W Section 196N, 2W Section 306N, 2W Section 315N, 2W Section 065N, 2W Section 075N, 2W Section 185N, 2W Section 197N, 2W Section 207N, 2W Section 297N, 2W Section 326N, 2W Section 056N, 2W Section 086N, 2W Section 176N, 2W Section 206N, 2W Section 296N, 2W Section 325N, 2W Section 055N, 2W Section 085N, 2W Section 175N, 2W Section 207N, 2W Section 217N, 2W Section 287N, 2W Section 336N, 2W Section 046N, 2W Section 096N, 2W Section 166N, 2W Section 216N, 2W Section 286N, 2W Section 335N, 2W Section 045N, 2W Section 095N, 2W Section 165N, 2W Section 217N, 2W Section 227N, 2W Section 277N, 2W Section 346N, 2W Section 036N, 2W Section 106N, 2W Section 156N, 2W Section 226N, 2W Section 276N, 2W Section 345N, 2W Section 035N, 2W Section 105N, 2W Section 155N, 2W Section 227N, 2W Section 147N, 2W Section 237N, 2W Section 267N, 2W Section 356N, 2W Section 026N, 2W Section 116N, 2W Section 146N, 2W Section 236N, 2W Section 266N, 2W Section 355N, 2W Section 025N, 2W Section 115N, 2W Section 145N, 2W Section 237N, 2W Section 137N, 2W Section 247N, 2W Section 257N, 2W Section 366N, 2W Section 016N, 2W Section 126N, 2W Section 136N, 2W Section 246N, 2W Section 256N, 2W Section 365N, 2W Section 015N, 2W Section 125N, 2W Section 135N, 2W Section 247N, 1W Section 187N, 1W Section 197N, 1W Section 307N, 1W Section 316N, 1W Section 066N, 1W Section 076N, 1W Section 186N, 1W Section 196N, 1W Section 306N, 1W Section 315N, 1W Section 065N, 1W Section 075N, 1W Section 185N, 1W Section 197N, 1W Section 177N, 1W Section 207N, 1W Section 297N, 1W Section 326N, 1W Section 056N, 1W Section 086N, 1W Section 176N, 1W Section 206N, 1W Section 296N, 1W Section 325N, 1W Section 055N, 1W Section 085N, 1W Section 175N, 1W Section 207N, 1W Section 167N, 1W Section 217N, 1W Section 287N, 1W Section 336N, 1W Section 046N, 1W Section 096N, 1W Section 166N, 1W Section 216N, 1W Section 286N, 1W Section 335N, 1W Section 045N, 1W Section 095N, 1W Section 165N, 1W Section 215N, 1W Section 287N, 1W Section 157N, 1W Section 227N, 1W Section 277N, 1W Section 346N, 1W Section 036N, 1W Section 106N, 1W Section 156N, 1W Section 226N, 1W Section 276N, 1W Section 345N, 1W Section 035N, 1W Section 105N, 1W Section 155N, 1W Section 225N, 1W Section 277N, 1W Section 147N, 1W Section 237N, 1W Section 267N, 1W Section 356N, 1W Section 026N, 1W Section 116N, 1W Section 146N, 1W Section 236N, 1W Section 266N, 1W Section 355N, 1W Section 025N, 1W Section 115N, 1W Section 145N, 1W Section 235N, 1W Section 267N, 1W Section 137N, 1W Section 247N, 1W Section 257N, 1W Section 366N, 1W Section 016N, 1W Section 126N, 1W Section 136N, 1W Section 246N, 1W Section 256N, 1W Section 365N, 1W Section 015N, 1W Section 125N, 1W Section 135N, 1W Section 245N, 1W Section 257N, 1E Section 187N, 1E Section 197N, 1E Section 307N, 1E Section 316N, 1E Section 066N, 1E Section 076N, 1E Section 186N, 1E Section 196N, 1E Section 306N, 1E Section 315N, 1E Section 065N, 1E Section 075N, 1E Section 185N, 1E Section 195N, 1E Section 307N, 1E Section 177N, 1E Section 207N, 1E Section 297N, 1E Section 326N, 1E Section 056N, 1E Section 086N, 1E Section 176N, 1E Section 206N, 1E Section 296N, 1E Section 325N, 1E Section 055N, 1E Section 085N, 1E Section 175N, 1E Section 205N, 1E Section 291962 Aerial Index
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