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17B-1 Purpose and Intent

The purpose of the Rmh-1-6 Zone is to provide appropriate areas for suitable development of Manufactured Home Subdivisions. It is also to insure that such facilities receive adequate services and blend harmoniously with surrounding residential neighborhoods and other uses.

17B-2 Permitted Uses

  1. Accessory building and use customarily incidental to any permitted use
  2. Manufactured Home (double-wide or wider) in an approved Manufactured Home Subdivision or Manufactured Home PRUD (Single-wides with or without room expansions or extensions are prohibited)
  3. Temporary building or use incidental to construction work. Such building shall be removed within six months upon completion or abandonment of the construction work

17B-3 Conditional Uses

  1. Manufactured Home Subdivision in accordance with the Site Development Standards prescribed by the Weber County Subdivision Ordinance
  2. Manufactured Home PRUD in accordance with the site development standards and Planned Residential Unit Development Chapter of the Zoning Ordinance
  3. Public Utility Substations

17B-4 Site Development Standards

Zone RMH-1-6
Minimum area 4 acres for Manufactured Home PRUD.

4 acres for Manufactured Home subdivision.

Minimum lot size 6,000 square feet for interior lots

7,000 square feet for corner lots

Minimum lot width 60 feet for interior lots

70 feet for corner lots

Minimum yard setbacks
  a. Front 15 ft[1]
  b. Side
     i. Manufactured home 5 ft each side, from property line to support post of awning 10 ft from property line to side of manufactured home. For lots on the periphery of a manufactured subdivision abutting a different land use a greater setback may be required as part of Conditional Use permit review.
     ii. Accessory building 5 ft
  c. Side (facing street on corner lot) 15 ft
  d. Rear
     i. Manufactured home 15 ft
     ii. Accessory building 1 ft[2]
Lot Coverage No main structure or accessory structures shall cover more than 60 percent of the lot area.
Main building height
  a. Minimum one story
  b. Maximum one story or 14 ft
Accessory building height 25 ft[3]
  1. 15 feet, except for lots on the periphery of a Manufactured Home Subdivision abutting a different land use. In such cases, a greater setback may be required as part of Conditional Use Permit review of the subdivision.
  2. 1 foot except 5 feet where accessory building rears on side yard of adjacent corner lot.
  3. 25 ft unless meeting requirements of Chapter 23-29, Large Accessory Buildings.

17B-5 Special Provisions for Manufactured Home Subdivisions and PRUD'S

  1. Each manufactured home must have wheels and tow tongue removed and must be placed on and anchored to a permanent concrete foundation constructed to County Standards
  2. There shall be two off-street parking spaces provided on the same lot with each manufactured home. Said spaces shall be located in an area that could be covered by a carport or within which a garage could legally be built. Required parking spaces may be in tandem, but may not be located in the front yard setback
  3. No Manufactured Home containing less than 600 square feet of habitable floor area shall be permitted to located in a Manufactured Home Subdivision
  4. Each Manufactured Home shall be skirted with either a plastered concrete foundation, decorative masonry, concrete block, aluminum or a continuation of the facing material of the Manufactured Home
  5. A Land Use Permit and a Building Permit shall be required before a Manufactured Home is located on a lot in a Manufactured Home Subdivision or PRUD
  6. Each Manufactured Home shall meet construction standards as defined herein and as specified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards

17B-6 Sign Regulations

The height, size and location of the following permitted signs shall be in accordance with the regulations set forth in Chapter 32 of the Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Construction project sign
  2. Directional sign
  3. Flat sign
  4. Free standing sign
  5. Temporary sign
  6. Wall sign
  7. Name plates
  8. Property sign
  9. Identification
  10. Service sign

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