Western Weber April 13, 2010

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Clock.png The meeting will be held in the Weber County Commission Chambers, Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd). The meeting will begin at 5:00 pm in the order listed below.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, person needing auxiliary services for these meetings should call the Weber County Planning Commission.


  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call


Approval of the March 16, 2010 meeting minutes

New Business

Consent Items:

2.1. LVS-03-16-10 Consideration and action of final approval of Sanctuary at Homestead Acres, 1 Lot, an amendment to Lot 5 and parcel “A” of Howard Subdivision in the A-2 Zone located at 6601 W 200 N (Eugene & Karen Pollitt, Applicants)
2.2. LVD-09-19-08 Consideration and action of a request for a one year time extension of final approval for Dee Schenck Subdivision, in the A-1 Zone located at 4291 W 2550 S (Dee Schenck, Applicant)
2.3. CUP-05-2010 Consideration and action of a request for a Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a new water tank and the redevelopment of an existing well and well house located at approximately 2000 E 27th Street, within the Forest F-40 Zone (Justin Anderson, Applicant)
2.4. CUP-2010-06 Consideration and action of a request for a Conditional Use Permit for the Manufacturing of Plastics located at approximately 1350 W 2350 N, within the Manufacturing M-1 Zone (Gary Hunt, Applicant)

Regular Items

3.1. Chapter 22A Consideration and action recommending a zoning text amendment to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 22A (Manufacturing M-3 Zone) by adding photovoltaic solar energy facilities as a conditional use (John Knight, Applicant)

Old Business

5. Public Comments:
6. Planning Commissioner’s Remarks:

Staff Communications

7.1. Planning Director’s Report
7.2. Legal Counsel’s Remarks


Clock.png There will be a pre-meeting conference at 4:30 pm in the Weber County Commission Chamber conference room (room 108). No decisions will be made in this meeting. The meeting is open for the public to attend but not available for public comments.

Download Minutes (PDF)

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